WizTree is a comprehensive program which allows users to assess their HDD and manage space, scan drives better, and show the largest folders and files. There is a comfortable interface, very short setup operation, and a standard window with a well-defined structure. The user can view the size of large files, total folders and items, attributes, time and date of last modification, and sort the queue. It is possible to choose the target drive and scan it with few clicks, and change the viewing mode to check out the top thousand largest files. It is possible for the top part of the main panel shows free, used, and all space on the scanned drive. Moreover, this tool lets you to copy the path of a selected file or folder, open Command Prompt dialog or a new instance, and remove items permanently or send them to the Recycle Bin. WizTree is a simple to use and intuitive application that comprises accurate information and good response time while using moderate RAM and low CPU.