SearchMyFiles is a powerful and portable application that can quickly find files on the disk, save and generate reports to file, indicate exclusions, and use wildcards. The user can store the tool on a USB flash drive, directly run its executable file, and save it to any PC. This utility does not create extra files on the disk or modify Windows registry settings without your consent. There is a simple-to-use and clean interface, also the search options to get started by selecting the search mode between summary, standard, duplicate, and non-duplicate. You can select the base folder, create an exclusion list with file extensions and directories, select the file content type between binary and text, and add subfolders to locate and wildcards for the files. The application comprises additional search filters around the file size like timestamps, attributes, and breaking point. Moreover, it is possible to use a basic search function to filter results and integrate this program into the Windows Explorer context menu. You can alter the default summary’s file size unit. SearchMyFiles is a lightweight program which is used for rapidly finding files on the disk, quickly finishes a search task, and provides accurate results.