AMD Overdrive Utility is an advanced and useful application that is designed to maximize the capability, adjustability, and the flexibility of the AMD chipset products. There is an intuitive and modern interface and accessibility for all types of users including novices. This tool provides full control over the memory and processor, and assists you to perform some tests, adjustments, and benchmarks to better performance. You can tweak overall performance with the aid of the one-click tuning options or through a simple slider and beginners can get help of the ready-to-go pre-tuned memory profiles. It is possible to optimize the memory with the Enhanced CAS Latency feature to configure the interaction between daily system requirements and PC resources. Additionally, the user can manually tweak different characteristics like frequency, timings and voltage, and the gamers can get the horsepower needed in complex video games. AMD Overdrive Utility is an industry-leading software which helps you store and create an unlimited number of profiles.