CPU Thermometer is an intuitive and reliable piece of software that enables users to monitor their CPU temperature, comes with a compact interface to show the essential details regarding the well-being of the processor. There is tiny frame which shows the processor type, series and name, and the developer, and all details under a tree-like structure. This program includes information about the load and the temperature and can display the number of degrees if you have a multi-core processor. You can view a warning message, urging you to either reboot the PC or shutdown, to secure the system. The user can set the app to run at system startup and to be minimized at launch. Moreover, it is possible to alter the temperature unit to one of the two options like Fahrenheit or Celsius, and the application shows individual numbers and all the functions in real-time. CPU Thermometer is a nice and small utility which doesn’t offer any problem for inexperienced users in working and installing with this tool.