Total Uninstall is an advanced software that helps you clean junk items, uninstall programs including other leftover files and registry entries, and monitor newly installed applications. This program offers information about the program name, size, and installation date detects all programs installed on PC and displays them in a simple list. You can add new software to the list, add notes, change icons, subgroups, and created groups for organizing the programs. The search feature reveals the results in real-time and helps you quickly identify an application. This program offers you registry items and backup files, and you can remove utilities in a single or batch mode. A single mode enables you to delete all data and batch mode allows to uninstall multiple apps at the same time. The users can view errors and warnings, detailed information about the deletion operation, and full path of each deleted folder, file, and registry key. The application lets you uninstall profiles and alter the analysis, and offers support for context menu integration for monitoring programs. The users can make the program search for file system data and invalid entries to cleaning junk files. Total Uninstall is a powerful application that is specially designed to uninstall programs and it proves to be a reliable tool.