JS Blocker is an unobtrusive and automated solution which is designed to protect your privacy while browsing online and block websites from tracking you. There is an easy to install and setup extension to block tracking in Safari and a quick access to the add-ons controls. This application offers you the possibility to install user scripts for viewing pages in a certain way and integrate the add-on into your web browser with a simple double click. You can see how many scripts are currently blocked when the icon integrates a counter and see more details about each one from panel. It is possible to create custom rules for each page, disable the extension altogether, and define temporary filters. Additionally, the user can get extensive control over browsing experience with a wide variety of customizing options. This tool can completely control the behavior of a web page and apply user-installed scripts at the same time. JS Blocker is an easy to use and Safari extension that instantly starts filtering the scripts and integrates into your Safari web browser.