Dropbox is an intuitive and reliable application that allows you to sync and store your files on the cloud and share them effortlessly over the internet with your friends. You must create an account to start using this tool and can set the tool to sync all the folders in your Dropbox. There is a folder to move or copy data to share online, access your Dropbox files from another location, and easily log in with your password and username. The user can view, upload or download contents directly in the web browser. This program enables you to search for folders and files, send invitations to your friends, view deleted files and events, create a new folder in the online browser, and more. Moreover, it is possible to disable the LAN sync and desktop notifications, configure proxy settings, set the upload and download rate, and unlink the PC to the current account to add a different one in the preferences menu. You can also change the interface language, in input the Dropbox location, and more. Dropbox is a straightforward application which comprises a very comprehensive documentation and offers one of the simplest solutions for sharing data online.