Hardware sensors monitor is an extensive and simple application that utilizes sensor chips on smart motherboards to track CPU core temperatures and system, and cooling fans and voltages. There is a wide variety of notebooks and motherboards to monitor the hard disk and the temperature values. This program generates graphs which shows the cooler fans RPM data and evolution of the temperatures. You can view the generate reports and detailed information about your system. The tool comes packed with core features such as changing the temperature scale or correcting the temperatures, changing the corresponding temperature limits and the thermal throttle control device. It is possible to enable warning messages and configure the thresholds manually for each monitored parameters. Moreover, the user can find out hardware parameters information over the system tray icon. You can stop the monitoring procedure, access the settings, and restore the main interface by right-clicking on the icon. PhoneView is a useful and reliable program to keep the system stable and control the operating parameters of the PC.