HWMonitor is an extensive hardware monitoring software that can find out live readings for fan speed and HDD temperature, keep track of essential sensors on your PC, and features data exporting options. There is a clear-cut interface, hassle-free installation, and a normal window with a straightforward layout. This program lists all components in a hierarchical view to spot them easier and starts monitoring the sensors at startup automatically. The user can find out the maximum, minimum, and current value when it comes to the RPM, temperature for each core, fan capacity in percentage, the graphics card voltage, and assembly and air flow temp. You can export all this information to compare values with future reports and look it over at a later time to improvements toward temperature and determine the hardware history. The utility includes information which revolves around the processor, graphics card, and hard disk. Moreover, it is possible to create a SMBus report, reset all maximum and minimum values, and hide the status bar. HWMonitor is simple-to-use and small system monitoring tool which can find out live readings for your PC’s sensor and shows accurate information.