Real Temp is a portable and compact software utility that can monitor processor temperature, log activity to file, enable system tray notifications, run sensor benchmarks, and more. There is no need of installation, you can just click the executable to launch the app and drop the program files in any part of the hard disk. It is possible to save Real Temp to storage unit or a USB flash disk and it does not create new entries in start menu or the Windows registry. You can view the difference from maximum value and current processor temperature, time of recording, maximum and minimum reading recorded, and the thermal status. This program lets you to perform sensor tests to find out the difference and the average CPU load from the maximum temp, score, speed, and time. Moreover, the user can enable system tray icons for monitoring the maximum temp and CPU cores, calibrate the maximum temperature, log all activity to file, enable alarms, and more. Real Temp is a handy and straightforward application which comprises versatile range of customization settings, advanced options, and displays accurate data.