Veertu is a native virtualization solution and open-source project which offers users to create Windows or Linux virtual machines on Mac PCs. This program assists you to create a new VM by installing software from an ISO or DVD image. The users must provide details about the guest family and operating system when setting up a new virtual machine, also need customizable details like CPU, memory, optical drive, hard drive, SCSI controller, and audio device or network card. It is possible to open a new window automatically when interact with the virtual machine without any restrictions. There is a list with all VMs and the user can shut down or pause the VM with the simple buttons. Additionally, you can select to edit the VMs configuration, reboot, delete or shut down the VM and export it when the virtual machine is not currently running. The utility interacts with the operating systems without experience any issue and lets you to deploy Linux and Windows virtual machines on Macs. Veertu is an extensive and straightforward application that integrates import and export capabilities for the virtual machines, offers the possibility to keep track of their status, and extensive control over the VMs configuration.