ASUS EPU Six Engine is a compatible and straightforward program which implements a power saving system on PCs comprised with ASUS motherboards and finds a balance between energy and performance. The user can contribute to the environment protection and reduce the electricity bill with this utility. This application organizes energy consumption of your ASUS system easily by trying to balance resource usage and detecting computer load at any time. There are some core features such as the memory of PC and the chipset, the VGA card, auto phase switching for hardware sections, distributing the power between the CPU, and the integrated system fans and the CPU cooler. It is possible to find the most appropriate configuration without affecting the functionality of the workstation to optimize the power consumption. Additionally, you can save energy while using the PC and find a balance between performance, stability, reliability, and saved energy. ASUS EPU Six Engine is an efficient and handy utility that is specially designed to implementing a robust power and energy saving system.