NoScript is a useful and straightforward tool that enables Java execution and JavaScript only for trusted domain, block it for web pages, and especially used for more safe web-browsing experience. This program brings extra protection to your browser by many potential threats and blocking clickjacking. The user can configure the extension to show a short report in the add-on toolbar with the blocked scripts and allow the audio feedback when a script is blocked. You can export the list to back up the information and import a list of domains from a text file. The utility offers you to manage permissions by creating lists and block or allow the types of scripts from the options window. There are many essential functions disabled by the extension when you are on a web page, then unblock the script temporarily by a simple clicking. Moreover, it is possible to apply some restrictions like blocking incoming objects to domains on the whitelist. NoScript is an extensive and handy application that lets you to browse the internet with less interference from malicious scripts.